Dr. Gys du Plessis

The reason I choose SIX Aesthetix Collagen Pen evolved over time:

I am a huge fan of needling, Redermalisation and mesotherapy deeper than 1mm.
I have been looking and interested at Dermal pens over a long period as I’ve been doing needling with my own hands, one-injection-at-a-time.

I was about to purchase another Dermal pen that I researched in Monaco last year, when you told me about the SIX Aesthetix one.

Having done my research, I was converted by:

– The 12 needles for face and 36 for body
– The 1 needle for targeted lines
– The Nano for dermabrasion
– The wide range of possibilities in choosing the depth
– The ease of operation: Circular and continuous linear movement speeding up procedure
– The fact that it is wireless, light AND has long battery life

I love the treatment SOP that SIX Aesthetix has created with the products and peel off mask with the effective and results driven after care products. The systems and procedures surrounding the SIX Aesthetix pen, and the backup and training offered are far superior than others.