SIX Aesthetix Collagen Pen

Collagen Induction Therapy, also known as medical skin needling or micro-needling, is a minimally-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment designed to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as scars on the face and body. Collagen Induction, whether by roller or mechanical pen, is a process whereby multiple fine needles are employed to vertically pierce the skin, thus creating small channels into deeper layers of the skin. These pin point punctures create “micro wounds”, whilst leaving the epidermis intact. This process initiates a wound-repair process which includes fibroblast proliferation and the laying down of collagen fibres. By doing such treatment, your products can penetrate at 100% for at least 72hours and by doing so you get the highest form of ingredients into your skin.

After thoroughly cleansing the skin and removing all make-up, a sanitising spray is applied over the area to be treated, completely sterilising the area. The area to be treated is then numbed with a 10% Lidocaine Cream. Numbing time should be anything from 10 – 30 minutes, depending on the pain threshold of the client receiving the treatment. During the numbing process, your skin expert will perform a calming hand and arm massage whilst explaining the procedure in full, and describing what products are to be used during the treatment and after-care.

Vitamin Booster Oil enriched with wheatgerm oil and grape leaf extract from SIX Skincare is applied to the skin to give an effective slip to the automated micro-needling process, as well as to instantly hydrate and calm the skin.

The area to be treated is split into treatment sections where different needle depths are used according to the tolerance level of each individual person. Treatment starts on the forehead at a depth of 0.5 to 1mm. When the forehead is completed, SIX Boosters specific to the skin’s needs is applied and mixed into the needled skin with the blood until fully absorbed. Then, each cheek is needled at a depth of around 1,5 to 2mm following the same process of applying the booster and mixing into the skin with the blood followed by the nose, chin, upper lip and lower lip moving down to the neck and décolleté area with the skin expert stopping after each section to apply booster while skin is still freshly needled to ensure the high percentage of active ingredients in the boosters are fully absorbed.

Once the full area is treated, the skin will be very red and inflamed, a completely natural response, leaving the skin feeling sunburnt and sensitive.

02 Serum from SIX Skincare is applied to instantly calm the skin, followed by a glorious cold marble stone draining massage with very light movements using ice-cold flat marble stones which instantly cool the skin, and constricts the pores.

A very special freshly mixed alginate mask enriched with French rose clay is now applied in a thick even layer over the skin. This mask has a lifting effect on the skin, improves blood circulation, increases the supply of oxygen to the skin, has an anti-inflammatory action, reduces enlarged pores, smoothes the skin and has a very strong anti-ageing effect by improving the complexion and preventing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. While the mask sets, the skin expert will do a relaxing scalp massage. The mask is then peeled off and any residue removed.

The final steps to the treatment area, a light application of moisturiser and the SIX Broad Spectrum SPF50+, taking care to apply with very light tapping movements and not rubbing over the skin to avoid any sensitivity.

  • No heat for 48 hours. No steam, sauna or high-intensity workouts where you sweat a lot
  • Skin is open for 24-hours post-treatment, avoid makeup and any harsh chemical products. Best to use the SIX Post Skin Peel Care Kit
  • Avoid touching the skin at all until the following morning post-treatment. Skin is not to be washed or cleaned until the following morning
  • No sun exposure for 5 – 7 days. If you are outdoors, wear a hat and, and SIX Broad Spectrum SPF50+
  • Day 1 – 4: Slightly roughened skin surface due to micro scabbing process. Perhaps peeling of the skin. A release of growth factors, fibroblast (cells that produce collagen and elastin) proliferation begins
  • Day 4 – 20: Epidermal growth, collagen and elastin boost
  • Day 20 onwards: Skin tightening, increase in collagen
  • 4 different pin cartridge heads to tailor make the treatment
  • 5 speeds offering up to 15 000 RPM (revolutions per minute/oscillations), this offers a more intense treatment with less pain
  • When treating the body, the SIX Aesthetix Collagen Pen is more user-friendly as it is easier to reach areas with no cord, making the treatment more effective. This is also important for client comfort as the cord often gets in the way
  • Cordless unit with two rechargeable batteries – when the power goes off, the treatments continue as there is no need for electricity.
  • Each battery carries 8 hours treatment time

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